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Allowing Web Creation by the User Mapping Manager


There are cases where DENYROOTCHANGE, ALLOWROOTCHANGE, DENYWEBCHANGE, and ALLOWWEBCHANGE are not capable enough to implement web creation permission you want. For example, you may want to allow a user to create a certain subweb of the web Foo while you don't want to allow to create topics on the web Foo. To cope with such cases, a method in the user mapping manager is called to check the web creation is allowed before checking the access control variables.

A large TWiki site in a large organization employing UserSubwebs

Let's assume:

  • It's about a large organization having 50,000 users in its LDAP. User IDs, real names, email addresses, etc. are in the LDAP
  • It has an intranet single sign-on mechanism leveraging the LDAP data
  • Everybody in the organization may edit topics on a TWiki site having 5,000 webs
  • The TWiki site authenticate users with the intranet single sign-on mechanism
  • UserSubwebs is in use
  • Requiring user registration on the TWiki site for editing doesn't make a lot of sense. Because all user account data is already in LDAP, which is supposed to be referred to if needed.
  • Users need to be forbidden to create topics on the Main web. Otherwise, it accumulates a lot of clutters in the long run.
  • Users need to be able to create/delete their personal web on their own
    • Here needs the capability

UsingMultipleDisks and /pub/... rewritten to /cgi-bin/viewfiles/...

Let's assume:

  • There is a TWiki site employing UsingMultipleDisks
  • The HTTP server housing TWiki needs to rewrite /pub/... to /cgi-bin/viewfile/... so that all attachments are obtainable by /pub/... path without symbolic links
  • The rewriting rule doesn't rewrite /pub/TWiki/... and /pub/Public/... so that files there can be retrieved directly (=quickly) from the HTTP server without going through TWiki.
  • For every top level web W, there can be Public/W subweb. The owner of the web W can create Public/W if they like. Web owners must not be able to create topics in the Public web or a subweb different from the unrelated to web names the user owns
    • Here needs the capability

How it works

When a new web is created, the canCreateWeb($cUID, $web) method of the user mapping manager is called if the method exists. If the method returns true, TWiki goes ahead and create the web without checking DENYROOTCHANGE and ALLOWROOTCHANGE (for a top level web) or DENYWEBCHANGE and ALLOWWEBCHANGE (of the parent of a subweb). If the method does not exist or the method returns false, web creation is permitted as usual based on ROOTCHANGE or ALLOWWEBCHANGE.

Maybe needless to say, the method would be written as follows.

sub canCreateWeb {
    my( $this, $cUID, $web ) = @_;

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